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Business Directory Portal

Get your Unique Digital Identity to Grow your Business Fast & Easy.

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Place Your Business On Digital Market Place to Connect with Targeted leads.


It's a group of individuals connected to each other by one or more attribute(s) in Construction Industry.

www.buildrawhomes.com is dedicated to providing our clients with results-oriented advertising and total marketing support.

Tools & Features

For Better Experiance !

Advance User Dashboard :

Each listing/Business owner gets their own dashboard to get insightful data on their business performance from a single most powerful front-end dashboard to help double their revenue by getting daily, weekly and monthly stats of user views, customer leads and custom reviews.
In additional the business owner will be alerted about immediate action needed such as low-rating from their customers so they can be immediately responded. Listing owners can further manage their business listings and can even start promoting their business by running Ad Campaigns.

Book Appointments :

A built-in appointment booking feature that is an easy one-click setup for admin and simply intuitive to use for both business listing owner and visitor. Includes Calendar view and more..

Advance Live Search :

BuildrawHomes search is the most advanced and dynamic built-in search system on the directory market today, yet it is the most simple-to-use as it removes the out-dated complexities in the traditional directories by keeping the search fields to simply two fields (example: WHAT and WHERE).

BuildrawHomes’s IntelliSense based search is the next-generation archive search system giving instant live suggestions for keywords, categories, listing name, and even in combinations (tags in category). The Location search is City (region) based. Cities can be added manually or automated with Google Maps API.

Call To Action (Buttons) :

Click To “CALL” :

Your visitors can use CLICK TO CALL feature to make a call. Isn’t it a business opportunity when your customers can easily reach you ?

Click To “What’s App” :

Yup! Visitors can tap “Click to What’s App” feature on your Digital vCard and they can initiate a chat with you.

Convert more leads into customers by answering their queries about your products and services by a quick What’s App Chat. It builds trust!

Click To “Get Direction” :

People can get turn by turn navigation to your business location using Google Map. This will ensure that your prospects are not distracted with other sites, stores or location.

Lead Generation Form :

Lead Gen./Contact form can be enabled to show on business listing allowing business owners generate potential leads. All lead generation forms are sent to business listing owner’s email address.

Shareable Counter Link :

Share Business Page by What’s App, Email & Social Media.

Business owners can share their business page link with counter box to Attract New Customers and improve your Brand Awareness.

Make things go viral by letting your visitors easily start sharing the business listing on their favorite social network.

Internal INBOX :

Internal messaging system that allow business owners to receive and reply messages directly within the user-dashboard when a lead is generated via a lead form on the listing details page.

Product Catalogue :

Powerful Menu Management System (MMS) is included in BuildrawHomes Directory which allows business owners to create their own menu with different Types and Groups with Call to Action Buttons.

businesses can showcase the price list of their product or services to offer a dynamically organized menu.

Deals and Coupon :

The business owner can create coupon codes as well as deals (with countdown) for their customers to attract & convert leads into Paying Customers.

Event Management :

Let the business owners host an event and promote it on their Business Page. A separate event’s listings page is also created with more details and easy share.

Also, Book events tickets with showing booked sits. And Much More …

Reviews & Ratings :

Visitors to your directory will think twice before leaving anything less than 3 star on a business listing with our powerful emotion (emoji) based rating system.

The emoji rating system is designed to share visitors true experience allowing the business owners to understand how their customers felt.

Announcements :

The business owner can Announce important notice on their Business Page with Powerful Announcement Feature.

Ads Campaign :

Built-in Ads system that allows directory owners to monetize by enabling it for business owners to promote and generate more leads with targeted listing ads.

Responsive View (For better Experience !) :

A next-generation responsive experience that gives a mobile app-like feel on any popular mobile browser without downloading any additional apps.

we ease your Business !